Basil excels in writing, marketing, and communication in any media. However, it’s his sparkling personality people most remember.

Over the course of his career as a writer, speaker, and consultant, J. Basil Dannebohm has worked with an international clientele, including the tech industry, real estate, radio, television, newspapers, magazines, religious and non-profit organizations, film festivals, tourism and entertainment venues.

Basil is a detail oriented, innovative and careful perfectionist.”


In the summer of 2012 Basil was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease. Since that time, he has been a leading advocate for Parkinson’s research, treatment and awareness. When sharing his story, “he provides his audience with a manner of professionalism, knowledge, and experiences that the participants can apply to their professions. He is very professional, yet has a mannerism that captivates the entire audience with his personal testimonies.


In 2015, he briefly served in the Kansas House of Representatives, representing the 113th District. It didn’t take long for Basil to realize that politics wasn’t his passion. The inevitable stress that goes hand-in-hand with serving in office quickly took it’s toll on his health. Recognizing that the problems facing the government weren’t problems he could tackle, he retired from the legislature. While his time in Topeka was short, he stood for his convictions and his constituents, even when it meant going against the “platform.” 

We need more men and women of courage and conviction like Basil representing Kansans in Topeka.


Leaving politics and partisanship behind, Basil registered as an independent and focused on his health and happiness. He returned to his passion – writing, speaking, and consulting.

Basil has this uncanny ability to find a detail and turn it into a compelling story.

Dannebohm’s presentations on leadership and collaboration have been enjoyed by audiences in several states. Known for his straight forward candor and often humorous approach, he delivers a presentation that’s anything but boring.

Basil has a unique and special talent; he captures the attention and more importantly the imagination of an audience. He’s remarkably engaging and informative. So very few people have “it”…a kind of magic…stage presence, charisma…something unexplainable. It’s because of his enthusiasm to truly give something of value to an audience and the fact that he so carefully researches both the content and the context of his message. The guy knocks it out of the park and the crowd loves it.


Basil realizes there are those who love him and those who loathe him. He makes no apologies for his personality. Basil knows that marching to the beat of your own drum sometimes means you’re the only person in the parade.

You can’t help but like Basil. He is the rare sort of person who not only recognizes the challenges facing the world, but actually does something about overcoming them. His combination realism and wit make him a joy to work with and his humanity allows him to connect with people from all walks of life. Basil is the kind of person who inspires others to be awesome every day.

Representative-Emeritus Dannebohm’s energy has been described as, “inspiring and contagious.” He has the ability to motivate, mobilize, and deliver great results.