Good morning. Make today beautiful.

Eat, drink, live, love!

Here at the Dannebohm Residence it’s a beautiful autumn morning, a cloudy Monday, met not with gloom, but rather with in anticipation of the week ahead.

Vincent scrambled some farm fresh eggs. I steamed kale and toasted bagels – we had breakfast, then moved to the out of doors, where the temperature is mild, the winds are calm. The gardens are alive with butterflies and the sound of the fountains bubbling, and birds chirping – speaking through their color, the leaves of the trees show signs they will soon fall. Vincent is enjoying a cup of Earl Grey and a pipe. The aroma does a beautiful dance with that of my coffee and the faint scent of rain in the air, forecasted to arrive at any moment.

Enjoying moments like this are essential. Soon, creativity will commence – Vincent will paint, I will write. The house will be filled with beautiful music.

Creativity carries over to the table. Autumn days such as this make me think about what to serve for dinner on what will likely be a gorgeous evening.

This evening, served by candlelight, a rustic stew, made with venison and andouille sausage, with hearty chunks of vegetables including red potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, carrots, onions, string beans, portobello mushrooms, fresh garlic, parsley, Himalayan salt, fresh cracked pepper, and a hint of curry. Slow cooked in a Sean Minor 2014 Central Coast Pinot Noir.

Served with boiled eggs, aged cheddar, a side of quinoa blended with feta and kale, a salad made with artisan greens, and for dessert – bread pudding, topped with an apple, pear, and mixed berry compote, served with Saigon cinnamon ice cream.

Wine selections for this evening will be a Bordeaux with the meal and a Brut Champagne with the dessert.

Following dinner, weather permitting, a nice scotch and a cigar outside by the fire are in order.

Today only happens once.

You’ll never have this moment in time again.

Make it beautiful.

Eat, drink, live, love!