“Passion defines Basil Dannebohm. He demands social justice, he commands respect, he exudes generosity, and he embraces others with care and concern. We can all learn something from this man who fights for fairness while also fighting for his life.”

–Cliff Schiappa (Development Director, Heartland Men’s Chorus)

“Basil’s energy is inspiring and contagious. He has the ability to motivate, mobilize and deliver great results.”

–Naama Marcos (Owner, Visual Fusion Design Studio)

“You can’t help but like Basil. He is the rare sort of person who not only recognizes the challenges facing rural Kansas and the world, but actually does something about overcoming them. His combination realism and wit make him a joy to work with and his humanity allows him to connect with people from all walks of life. Basil is the kind of person who inspires others to be awesome every day.”

–Amber Campbell Hibbs, Ph.D. (Project Coordinator, Central Great Plains Climate Education Partnership, Kansas NSF EPSCoR Climate Change and Mitigation Project)

“As an educator and CEU provider for nurses and social workers, I have asked Basil to present at several Parkinson’s workshops. At these events Basil confirms his ability to be dependable, reliable, and honest with others. He provides his audience with a manner of professionalism, knowledge, and experiences that the participants can apply to their professions. He is very professional, yet has a mannerism that captivates the entire audience with his personal testimonies.”

–Dr. Catherine Strecker, PhD. (Educational Strategies)

“The first time I attended one of Basil’s workshops I wondered how we were so lucky to get such a dynamic and informed facilitator for Kansas and rural America. The enthusiasm that he shows is contagious and he seems to draw out the willingness to go back home and renew your efforts to make everything a better place to be. I look forward to working on many projects and ideas with Basil in the future and cannot wait to get him into our community and light a fire.”

–Roger Ringer (Bunkhouse B&B at Wildfire Ranch, VP South Central KS Tourism, VP Western Music Association – Kansas, VP Medicine Lodge Area Chamber of Commerce.)

“J. Basil is an exceptionally gifted and conscientious individual whose talents in organizational settings produce positive results and enable others to help realize their potential within the context of the group dynamics. I have worked with this fine man on several projects and have been deeply moved by his dedication to offering humanitarian outreach to those facing hardship and need. His commitment to the less fortunate is not only effective with respect to his organizational leadership but also reflects his deep personal feelings and selfless service to humanitarian causes.”

–The Very Reverend Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes (President-Emeritus, The Decani Monastery Relief Fund)

“Basil has this uncanny ability to find a detail and turn it into a compelling story.”

–Marci Penner (Executive Director, Kansas Sampler Foundation)

“You only need to meet Basil once to recognize that he is a very gifted person. What strikes me is his concern for others, his selflessness. He’s an innovative individual with a keen ability to motivate people from all walks of life to collaborate for a common good. We need more ‘can do’ people like Basil, instead of complainers, who all too often criticize those who make a difference in our world.”

–Rep. Ronald Ryckman, Sr. (Member of the Kansas House of Representatives from the 115th district.)

“I have seen Basil Dannebohm speak twice, and both times were amazing! Dannebohm dazzled his audience with incisive commentary backed by hard research and profound wit. His multimedia presentation perfectly complimented his natural and smooth speaking style and his message of hope was one I will never forget. I came away with valuable knowledge and inspiration. He is a master communicator and knows how to genuinely connect with his audience.”

–Bill Goodwin (PK-4 Principal, Altoona-Midway USD 387)

“Basil has a unique and special talent; he captures the attention and more importantly the imagination of an audience. He’s remarkably engaging and informative. So very few people have “it”…a kind of magic…stage presence, charisma…something unexplainable. Personally, I think it’s because of his enthusiasm to truly give something of value to an audience and the fact that he so carefully researches both the content and the context of his message. Go see Basil speak whenever and wherever you can. The guy knocks it out of the park and the crowd loves it.”

–Dave Thomas (Owner, Clink Media)

“Basil is one of those people that has engagement in his spirit. He naturally connects to others and knows how to build connectivity organizationally. His humor is infectious.”

–Francine Schoenwetter (Engagement Director, New Hope Natural Media)

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have Basil as a mentor and friend for years. He can always be counted on for guidance and offering solutions for whatever project I’m working on or endeavor I’m pursuing. Beyond being well-versed in many disciplines, he is a genuinely kind person who is committed to positively impacting the people and organizations he touches. Know or work with Basil for only a short time and these qualities will become quite evident. I am proud to give Basil the highest recommendation.”

–Tara Schroeder (Account Manager at Prairie Dog/Trozzolo Communications Group)

“Basil is highly motivated to provide results for his clients. His top qualities are: Great Results, Personable and High Integrity.”

–Paul Bonacquisti (Owner, Bonacquisti Winery)

“Basil is creative, intelligent, digitally savvy, and remarkably open and personable. That he knows his profession is obvious. Beyond the technical wizardry is a real person who communicates like the best teacher you’ve ever had. It’s a rare combination and a skill set that makes him a pleasure to know and work with.”

–Jim Wagner (Director of Sales & Business Development, VIRGO Health & Nutrition)

“J. Basil is one of the most talented and intelligent people I have ever met. He always reaches his hand out to help in whatever way he can.”

–Pamela Hunt (Scentsy International)

“I meet Basil less than two weeks into my internship with F5 News, a weekly paper in downtown Wichita, KS. He waltzed into the office, introduced himself with cheer and enthusiasm, and we were fast friends in less than 5 minutes. Basil excels in writing, marketing, and communication in any media. However, it’s his sparkling personality people most remember. Basil is a joy to know, as a friend and colleague.”

–Kate Clause (Host, Morning Edition, Wichita Public Radio)

“Basil is a detail oriented, innovative and careful perfectionist – his ideas, skills, creativity and understanding of change requests made the project a dream. He has an extensive knowledge, and his open-minded approach could not be overestimated.”

–Diego Ciraco (Project Manager, SAPO Communications)

“Working with Basil was a HUGE relief and pleasure. All too often you find people in these positions with Basil’s background over bearing and difficult to work with. Basil was the OPPOSITE! His sincere personality and transparent agenda combined with his extreme expertise make for a lovely encounter that will leave you not only impressed with him, but more importantly his great friend.”

–Jacob Paulsen (Integrated Marketing Solutions Manager, Entravision)

“Basil is a true champion of his customers. He has incredible knowledge of the online space but never talks over or down to his customers. He has an amazing ability to communicate the details and value at a level that everyone can understand. He is always coming up with new ideas and thinks of his customers first.”

–Michelle Ackerman (Project Manager at Brainworks Software)

“Basil has a great ability to convey the significance of online concepts/goals & yet he keeps the message simple.”

–Ron Goldstein (Co-Host at ESPN – MMA Meltdown)

“Basil is energetic and full of good ideas, which he can follow through with great results. I don’t believe there is anything he cannot do if he sets his mind to it. It is a pleasure to know him.”

–Sister Veronica Asquith (Nun, Holy Apostles Monastery Greece)

“He is a diligent and honest man, and of good integrity.”

–The Right Reverend Tryphon Parsons (Abbot, All-Merciful Saviour Orthodox Monastery)

“Basil is very clever and creative in writing and personal interactions.”

–Curtis Proctor (Associate Professor, Wichita State University)

“Basil is an expert at his trade. He has superior knowledge of interactive technology, concepts, terms, and technical creativity.”

–Scott Anderson (Online and e-Commerce Manager at Players Bench)

“Basil is a pleasure to work with! His hard work and true concern for the client and their needs shows in everything he does.”

–Julie Swint (Marketing Coordinator, Nelson & Rollert Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)

“Basil was a fabulous asset to our website writing creative content and delivering buzz. He’s a great guy to work with – you’ll hit it off immediately. If you need creative writing, press releases etc give him a call. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.”

–Stuart Atkinson (CEO, Off Plan Property Exchange UK)

“Having known Basil most of his life, it is easy to recognize with his energy and ambition, and his natural leadership abilities, that he has taken every opportunity to be of service to others. At the young age of 14, Basil was busy establishing an organization of young people in Ellinwood, KS (Enviro Crew – an organization recognized by the Mayor) to serve as volunteers at a Recycling Center that is still open today. It’s great to see that Mr. Dannebohm continues to serve others.”

–Lisa Reser (Educator, Ellinwood, Kansas)